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About Baby Steps

Currently we have 4 classes and we limit our numbers so we can give each child the individual attention that they deserve.  We are a dual language school, English and Afrikaans. 

18 – 36 months       

18 Months until approximately 36 months.

Small toddler group to ensure that each child’s requirements are met.  In this toddler group we begin potty training in a fun and non threatening way on parent’s request.  Additional art experiences and science exploration added to the curriculum.  More focus on social interaction and games and turn-taking activities introduced during circle time, in addition to the activities of the younger classes.  Written progress report bi-annually.  Children will only be considered to move to the 3-4 year class if they are fully potty-trained.

3 – 4 years       

Approximately 36 months – 4+ years.

Must be potty trained. In this group we focus on the following:

  • Gross and fine motor skills.
  • Educational games and puzzles.
  • Language development/vocabulary.
  • Social and emotional development as well as self confidence building.
  • Cognitive development: Promotion of curiosity about their environment, creativity and problem solving skills.

Written progress reports bi-annually.


(In South Africa, Grade R is part of the Department of Basic Education’s national curriculum.  A child must be at least four years old to be registered for Grade R and must turn at least five on 30 June of his Grade R year) approximately  4 ½ years – the end of the year the child turns 6 in.

This class helps children gain school readiness skills and provides opportunities for socialization and fun.  The curriculum includes a variety of literacy and number experiences, hands-on science activities, cultural learning, daily art projects and painting. Circle time and music is part of the daily routine.  Children have the opportunity for free play, group play, arts and craft, and outdoor play/large muscle development.  The children also play outside daily, weather permitting.

Written progress reports every semester.


We started an aftercare class in January 2021 for up to Grade 3. Please enquire regarding available places.